Professional Resume

Andrew Isaacs is a freelance 3D artist and modeler working in Toronto, Ontario,

and can be reached at



  • Over 7 years experience in 3D modeling, for professional and recreational use
  • Keen eye for detail and accuracy in 2D and 3D media
  • Reliable and expedient in meeting deadlines
  • Effective interpersonal skills between clients and employers to provide the desired product
  • Computer literate; proficient in 3D and 2D packages as well as various IT within a PC platform


3D Skills

  • Accurately and expediently created 3D models for use in print and digital media
  • Masterfully animated and edited a 3D logo for use in video presentations
  • Applied working knowledge of 3D software to produce 2D renders for print
  • Participated in a creative pipeline providing 3D models for fellow artists to produce finished works of art
  • Translated 2D reference images into accurate 3D representations for use in broadcast

2D Skills

  • Accurately and quickly processed 2D images for use in broadcast programs within tight deadlines
  • Utilized programs to brilliantly colorize monochromatic artwork for clients

Editing Skills

  • Combined skills across various programs to produce award-winning visual media
  • Converted video and audio footage for use in video editing programs
  • Utilized 2D art programs to create graphics, titles, and effects within video projects
  • Cut raw footage from varying unrelated sources into cohesive visual stories

Customer Service and Sales Skills

  • Provided product information to customers to make informed purchases
  • Created a friendly and pleasant atmosphere, garnering many repeat customers
  • Resolved customer complaints concisely, ensuring repeated business
  • Implemented an effective television demonstration, showcasing product abilities and entertaining customers simultaneously


2D Colorist                                         Private Clients                                                2014
3D Modeler                                        Dream Pod 9                                                  2012
Graphics Intern                                 Rogers Sportsnet                                           2009
Electronics Sales                              Sam’s Club                                         2006 – 2007
3D Artist                                              Astound Group                                               2005


Autodesk Maya 2011                        Seneca College                                              2011
3D Studio Max 9-2015                      Humber College                                             2007
Photoshop CS2                                Humber College                                             2007
Abode Premiere Pro                        Humber College                                             2007
Adobe Flash                                      Humber College                                             2007


Graphics Intern                              Rogers Sportsnet                                            2009

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